Get to Know Coach Andrew Finley

Andrew Finley.


Get to Know Coach Andrew Finley!

       1. What is one goal you have for PSU players?

       One goal I have for every player is for them to improve in ways to be able to play quickly. That requires them to improve cognitively, scanning the field and making quick decisions, and also to improve technically, great first touch and passing skills. 

           2. Why do you coach?

    I coach purely to help young players develop as soccer players and as well-rounded people. I’ve grown to really like coaching from about U9-13 because there is a big shift in how the players approach the game, and I enjoy teaching the early stages of tactics as well as skill development.
        3. Tell us about your soccer journey.

       I grew up in Waukesha, which included playing in the local Rec system before moving to club soccer. I was not a particularly strong player in my early Select years, but I stuck with the game because I enjoyed playing with my friends and I was competitive. I improved quite a bit once I grew in middle school, and by high school I was a full-time goalkeeper. In high school, one of my best friends recruited me to tryout and play for a premier level team at Milwaukee Sport Club, and those were some of my best memories as a player. I went on to play 4 years at Lawrence University, and started coaching a bit in my time there. 

      Coaching became a big part of my life about 5 years ago. I had a variety of work experiences that I learned from and developed as a leader, and I feel like that gave me the skills to excel. I’m in my second year at PSU, and loving coaching the U11 and U12 teams that I have right now. 

        4. How did you find PSU?
     I’ve had a strong relationship with our Director of Coaching, Lati, since we were in graduate school together. He helped me get back into coaching about 5 years ago, and his focus on coaching education and development was the big reason I joined the club last summer. 
5. What’s a valuable lesson you have learned from coaching soccer?
     The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from coaching is that the greatest plans sometimes just don’t work out. I have prepared what I’ve believed are the best training sessions, and for a variety of reasons they don’t go as expected. What is important is that I learn from those experiences and implement changes that better help players develop in future sessions.