Member Experience Survey

Fall member experience surveys were emailed last Thursday. If you didn’t receive one per child, please reach out to Erin at with your missing U level and team name. Surveys are open through Wednesday, October 21. 

Player Spotlight: Lana Flammang

Get to know Lana! She is a fourth grader on our 12U Thunder. 

1. Why do you play? 

  Because it is fun, great exercise and I like to be part of a team.  
2. What does soccer mean to you? 
I am fairly new to soccer and have a lot to learn.  I am looking forward to the challenge and gaining new knowledge and skills.

3. What was your ultimate achievement in soccer? 

Kicking with my left foot is improving.

4.  Who has inspired you during your soccer career? 

  My dad.  He started playing soccer in high school and continued in college.  He has provided great tips for playing the game.

5. What do you do after a win? 

  I like to cheer and am very happy.  Normally I like to give my teammates high fives and maybe a quick hug… unfortunately, not so much this year.  

6. What age were you when you started to play? 

Age 6 –  I took a soccer class through Sussex Parks & Rec. Then I took some time off to try other activities.  Last year, I tried Upward soccer and wanted to continue with the sport.  This is my 1st year with PSU.

7. How do your teammates make practice more fun? 

  I am one of the younger players on the team.  My older teammates are wonderful!  They are nice and work with me.  I really appreciate it when they provide direction and coaching on the field.  I have learned so much from them as well as my coaches.
7. Who do you love to see watching you play from the stands? 
My mom and dad.

Fall Player Excellence Program


Player Excellence: A Program Designed Around the Individual Player and Their Needs 

In the last five weeks we have enjoyed working and getting to know the Fall Player Excellence participants at a deeper level. Our goal week in and week out has been to help players improve their individual skills in a fun and challenging environment. Players got a lot of touches in tight spaces and built friendships every time they showed up. 

This is the last week for our Fall Player Excellence program. We are excited to have one more session with the players for one more opportunity to dive a little more deeply in developing their individual skills. This week we will focus heavily on their technical skills for the first 45 mins, and we will let them play in a World Cup Tournament for the last 45 mins. Parents are welcome to sit on the sideline from 5:45-6:30 pm.

We are excited to soon announce the dates for our Winter Player Excellence season. Stay tuned for more info!