Of Course, Success Means….(Part 1)

Of Course Success Means...(Part One)

By Joe Ulm
     Imagine for a moment. Imagine that you are trying to accomplish something big, really big, life-changing big, and you need the help of 20 people to get it done. What kind of people would you want by your side? Can you picture them? Now, describe those people in just three words. Not easy, right? But humor me if you would, and give it a try. Got your three words? Cool. Now imagine you have 100 of those people around you. Or 1000. Or 5000. Feels like a pretty unstoppable force, doesn’t it?

       This is what we’re building here at PSU. And it’s not just me, Lati, Cari, Erin, board members, and our coaches who are building it, but all of us. We use the words Passion, Skill, and Character here because we believe they best describe essential characteristics of success AND they’re easily understood by our players.  For example…

      Take a team of 20 players. Each player on the team has a passion for the sport, is wonderfully skilled at it, and has the character to work hard, make sacrifices, support their teammates, and be resilient in the face of adversity. Not only will the team win a ton of soccer games, but they’ll also have a rock-solid foundation of skills they can apply to their other goals. Their dreams. The rest of their lives.

       Now imagine that same team of 20 players has 80 parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and coaches supporting them. 100 people in total – all of them part of a Club of 1000. All of them part of a community 5000 strong.

      Winning is part of being successful, for sure, and players here at PSU will win lots of soccer games. But they’ll also do a lot more than that. They’ll do big things, life-changing things. And their Passion, Skill, and Character will help them get there.  


Stay United, everyone.


Stay tuned for part 2 of this article next week!

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Recreational & Juniors Program Director Job Opening

We’re hiring! And to us, this is more than just a game. It’s about people, community, and lifelong success. Together. United. Know someone interested in working with us? Have them reach out to Erin at egudeyon@pewaukeesussexunited.com.

Our Recreational & Juniors Program Director is responsible for overseeing and managing the Recreational and Juniors programs (players 4U to 15U) in a way that creates the best possible experience for players, coaches, & parents, while also supporting the club’s style of play and player-first philosophy. 

The ideal candidate will have a passion for helping kids, strong organizational skills, enjoy working in team environment, have a positive, can-do attitude, and have strong communication skills. Soccer experience is a bonus, but not required.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Coordinating and managing coach & parent access to the Juniors & Recreational soccer curriculum created by the Director of Coaching (DoC)
  • Developing team rosters for all Recreational and Junior’s program teams
  • Acquiring coaches for all Recreational and Junior’s program teams
  • Working with the DoC, Asst. DoC (ADoC), and/or Facilities Manager to establish and communicate practice times & field assignments
  • Managing and/or directly running Juniors-focused programming
  • Managing other Recreational and Juniors program managers
  • Addressing questions and concerns from parents, players, & coaches as needed
  • Coordinating team bags and supplies for coaches
  • Mentoring & managing I-Mentor player assistants within the program as needed
  • Presenting to Juniors parents & coaches twice per year (spring & fall) on Club initiatives, coach expectations, practice field assignments, program times, Club initiatives, Club processes, etc.
  • Developing the Junior’s schedule for games
  • Working with the league (WARS) to develop and manage the Recreational Program game schedule
  • Manage & communicate processes for rescheduling games to coaches
  • Directly running any Juniors age group (4U, 5U, 6U, 7U, & 8U) that doesn’t have a program manager
  • Participate in coach meetings as scheduled by the DoC or the ADoC
  • Assist with the Club’s annual tournament
  • Attend and participate in weekly executive meetings
  • Perform general administrative work as needed

Responsibilities may fluctuate or change at management’s discretion based on business needs.

Estimated Hours / Week:

  • 8 to 10 non-seasonal (Jan-Mar, Jul, Nov-Dec)
  • 16 to 20 seasonal (Apr-Jun, Aug-Oct)

Annual Compensation: Flexible

About Pewaukee Sussex United
About Pewaukee Sussex United Pewaukee Sussex United is a “player-first” youth soccer club who improves the lives of children through the unique challenges and rewards of athletic competition. Our mission is to teach players fundamental elements of success so they are empowered to achieve lifelong success however they define it.


Seem like a good fit? Contact Erin at egudeyon@pewaukeesussexunited.com if interested.

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