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Of Course Success Means...(Part One)

By Joe Ulm

Team success.Imagine for a moment. Imagine that you are trying to accomplish something big, really big, life-changing big, and you need the help of 20 people to get it done. What kind of people would you want by your side? Can you picture them? Now, describe those people in just three words. Not easy, right? But humor me if you would, and give it a try. Got your three words? Cool. Now imagine you have 100 of those people around you. Or 1000. Or 5000. Feels like a pretty unstoppable force, doesn’t it?

This is what we’re building here at PSU. And it’s not just me, Lati, Cari, Erin, board members, and our coaches who are building it, but all of us. We use the words Passion, Skill, and Character here because we believe they best describe essential characteristics of success AND they’re easily understood by our players.  For example…

Take a team of 20 players. Each player on the team has a passion for the sport, is wonderfully skilled at it, and has the character to work hard, make sacrifices, support their teammates, and be resilient in the face of adversity. Not only will the team win a ton of soccer games, but they’ll also have a rock-solid foundation of skills they can apply to their other goals. Their dreams. The rest of their lives.

Now imagine that same team of 20 players has 80 parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and coaches supporting them. 100 people in total – all of them part of a Club of 1000. All of them part of a community 5000 strong.

Winning is part of being successful, for sure, and players here at PSU will win lots of soccer games. But they’ll also do a lot more than that. They’ll do big things, life-changing things. And their Passion, Skill, and Character will help them get there.  

Stay United, everyone.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article next week!

street soccer

In our Street Soccer program, players have the opportunity to create their own teams, make their own calls, and unconsciously develop their technical and tactical awareness–all while expressing themselves with the ball at their feet. We believe players should be able to manage themselves and have the freedom to play, interact, problem-solve, innovate, and take ownership of their participation in the game. Teams are created the day of to promote diversity, and games are played without referees to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Our I-Mentor coaches will supervise each field making sure that players and facilities are safe while maintaining a fun and challenging environment.

PSU’s Street Soccer is open to all 9U to 13U full season players. Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!

Adult and youth sign up required for waiver completion. But then just lace up and show up!


Fridays: May 7-June 4, June 18-July 23 (no open play July 2)
Time: 5:30-7:00 pm
Location: Pewaukee Sports Complex