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Of Course Success Means...(Part Two)

By Joe Ulm

Team success.Imagine for a moment…imagine that you are trying to accomplish something big, really big, life-changing big, and you had 20 amazing people around you. People you hand-picked; people who were phenomenally skilled at their craft – people who are committed to your goal as deeply as you are. With all these people around you, you create a rock-solid plan. You consider every contingency, every variable, and you figure out answers to them all. Everyone is confident as you set off to accomplish your goal. Then things start going wrong. One thing after the next; everything begins to fall apart. You fight through each problem, but over time, the opportunity passes. You’ve lost. 

What are you going to do now? Now that you’ve lost? Are you going to start from square one and do all that work over again? Or are you going to move on to something else?

I don’t think there’s a right answer to either question (go after the same goal again or go after a new one), but I do think there’s a wrong answer: doing neither.

As adults, the idea that failure (i.e. losing) is part of life seems obvious. Likewise, we understand that if we’re to achieve our goals, we’ll need to pick ourselves up after we fail, learn from our mistakes, stand tall, and get after it again. Because we understand that failure is always part of the success and taking action is the best cure for failure.  However, with hundreds of kids in our Club, there are bound to be many who don’t understand these concepts.  It’s another reason why youth sports are so important – because sports teach.

So please, humor me one more time and imagine… 700 kids. More. 1000. 5000. Every one of them understands the relationship between failure and success. They have the resources around them they need to handle failure productively and they have new opportunities to dive into. And, of course, they have a United community of family, friends, teammates, and coaches to support them. Can you even imagine all they could do?

Stay United, everyone.

street soccer

In our Street Soccer program, players have the opportunity to create their own teams, make their own calls, and unconsciously develop their technical and tactical awareness–all while expressing themselves with the ball at their feet. We believe players should be able to manage themselves and have the freedom to play, interact, problem-solve, innovate, and take ownership of their participation in the game. Teams are created the day of to promote diversity, and games are played without referees to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Our I-Mentor coaches will supervise each field making sure that players and facilities are safe while maintaining a fun and challenging environment.

PSU’s Street Soccer is open to all 9U to 13U full season players. Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!

Adult and youth sign up required for waiver completion. But then just lace up and show up!


Fridays: May 7-June 4, June 18-July 23 (no open play July 2)
Time: 5:30-7:00 pm
Location: Pewaukee Sports Complex