2022-2023 Season Offers


Thank you to all players who participated in tryouts for the 2022-2023 season!

Finding And Accepting

Your Offer

If your player’s tryout number and initials 
are shown in the tables below for a team,
you have been offered a spot on that team.

You will receive an email by 3:30pm Friday, June 24 with your offer details. To secure your spot on the team and accept the offer, please click the green Accept button in the email by noon, June 25 to complete the registration process. If you are declining the offer, you can do so via the Decline button in the email. 


If you have a question on your child’s placement, email Director of Coaching, Lati Ziba, at lati@pewaukeesussexunited.com.


Player Offers

Final Results For The 2022-2023 High School Half Season

High School Boys Select Placements
High School Girls Select Placements