19U Girls Team Update (9/13)

The start of our 19U girls Team season got delayed due to bad weather on game day this past weekend! We are hoping for a better turnout this week!

But in good news, we interviewed outside D, Lauren Schaefer! Get to know more about her experience with PSU and what motivates her most!

Get to Know Coach Andrew Finley

Andrew Finley.

Throughout this season we will be showcasing our amazing coaches. This week we are showcasing Mark  Wilson, assistant director of coaching. Click the button below to learn more about his incredible journey with soccer!

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19U Girls Team Update

Our 19U girls season kicks off this Saturday! We are excited to watch them compete. Over the last few weeks the team has had a few friendly games. In the second friendly, the team traveled to Hartford. We won 4 – 0! Goals were scored by Elyse V, Ella R, Morgan R, and Ally D. We scored in the first 4 minutes of each half which put a lot of pressure on Hartford. The passing was really good between our players. We had Miranda R, Lauren K, and Julia B play with us from the 17U team, and it was great to have them join us.

Don’t forget to check back each week for updates on this amazing team!

Showcasing Our Outstanding Players

A message from Joe Ulm…

In the six years I’ve been involved with our Club, I’ve had the opportunity to coach, watch, and learn from many of our players.  It’s been a wonderful, and often humbling, experience.  However, as fortunate as I’ve been to be around all these players, I know there are still many more players I haven’t gotten to know.  From my discussions with many of you, it seems this is a common scenario.  So this fall, we’re going to change things by bringing our players, and their stories, to you. We will be covering our 19U girls’ as they go through the season, including doing interviews with the players, and covering their games. We will be doing player spotlights, posting a picture of the week, and lots more – all of it showcasing our truly amazing players.  If you’d like more information on the player spotlight, or any of the player showcase activities this fall, please e-mail our social media manager, Macy at: msaucke@pewaukeesussexunited.co