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Club Policies


There is no volunteer requirement at Pewaukee Sussex United (PSU). However, we do provide multiple opportunities for players and parents to help within The Club. The primary opportunities for parents include coaching (non academy and select programs) and providing team management assistance. As our 7U and up levels require a significant time commitment from our volunteers, PSU (with the exception of a few roles and age levels) will return $100 to each parent coach and team manager after a full year of volunteering (i.e. both fall and spring seasons).

All other opportunities to assist PSU are provided to players wherever possible through our I-Mentor program. You can find more I-Mentor information on our Player Excellence Program page.

Participation in Non-Sanctioned Events

At Pewaukee Sussex United, we take great effort to provide our players, coaches, and members with a safe, enjoyable, and enriching soccer experience. Our facilities, policies, and the image of our Club are all part of that effort. As such, any complaints/claims arising while participating in a non-sanctioned event, including but not limited to:

  • Code of conduct violations
  • Code of ethics violations
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Injury

Are the responsibility of the event organizers and/or participants of the event.

Club-sanctioned events are governed by Pewaukee Sussex United’s policies and approved by WYSA, and include only practices, games, and tournaments specifically coordinated and approved by Pewaukee Sussex United.

For questions on sanctioned events, please email:

Concussion Policy

Any player suspected of a concussion will be removed from the game and not be allowed to participate in practices or games until they are approved to return to play by a health care professional. Players who have been formally diagnosed with a concussion must provide Pewaukee Sussex United with a written release from a physician before being allowed to return to play.

Additionally, every adult, parent, and legal guardian agrees to the following when registering with Pewaukee Sussex United:

“If my child is diagnosed with a concussion during a Pewaukee Sussex United Soccer Club activity, or during any activity outside of PSU; or if my player has a prior head injury, I will inform my child’s coach and Pewaukee Sussex United of such diagnosis prior to the start of the season or before my child returns to play.”

Uniform Numbers

League regulations do not allow players on the same team to have the same uniform number. Given team rosters change annually and players sub with other teams regularly throughout the season, uniform numbers are assigned by the club. We keep uniform numbers within each program as consistent as possible from year to year; however, uniform numbers often change as players change programs. Occasionally, uniform numbers change between years within the same program, but it’s rare.


Field Closures/Inclement Weather

From time to time, PSU closes its fields due to the poor condition of the fields or because of inclement weather. Field closures will be posted on our homepage by 3:30 pm during the week, and by 8:00 am on the weekends, whenever possible. However, field closures can be determined after these times when significant changes in the weather occur. Additionally, coaches may select to cancel or cease practice even if fields are open during inclement weather, particularly if player safety becomes a concern.

 Field-closure information is provided on the homepage of PSU’s website via a “fields icon” that changes according to field status:

  • Green means all fields are open. The date is not displayed under the fields icon when fields are open.
  • Yellow means some fields are open and some are closed. When this happens, specifics will be provided underneath the icon along with the current date.
  • Red means all fields are closed. When fields are closed, the date will be shown underneath the fields icon.

Additionally, the club communicates closures directly with coaches and team managers who then use TeamSnap to update their teams on the status of the fields.

Note: We do all we can to keep fields open while maintaining the quality of the fields; however, Wisconsin weather will require field closures from time to time and are to be expected each season.

Soccer Supplies

Members are responsible for supplying their own practice ball, shin guards, and cleats.

Recreational Team Formation

Per WYSA (Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association) there can only be a 50% carryover from year to year on 4U through 15U recreational soccer teams.

Special Requests

We consider many factors when creating rosters for each team including the team’s makeup, practice location, coach, travel needs of our parents, friends who enjoy playing together, and more. However, given the number of players and families we serve, it is impossible to honor every request we receive. Therefore, placement on a particular team is not guaranteed.

Playing with Players a year Older (“Playing Up”)

Pewaukee Sussex United places players on teams based on a variety of factors including skill, maturity, knowledge of the game, experience, and others. Players who wish to play up a level are considered on an individual basis and placed on the team the DoC believes will provide the best environment for the player.

Players (or parents of players) who wish to play up should notify the Director of Coaching at least two weeks prior to tryouts and should attend every day of tryouts. Players may tryout with their calendar-age peers, their year-older peers, or both during tryouts.

Playing Time Policy
At PSU, playing time is earned by a player’s embodiment of Club values—Passion, Skill, and Character. Coaches individually determine playing time throughout the season based all three values according to the age of the players, the program level they’re coaching, and the dynamics of the team. In conjunction with our Player First philosophy, we will continually encourage and support every player’s growth in all three areas; however, players who consistently demonstrate a high level of character, exhibit an ongoing desire to play soccer, and who have an appropriate/strong level of skill for their age and program level, will receive more playing time than other players.

Photograph / Video Policy

Pewaukee Sussex United players may be photographed or recorded while participating in any of Pewaukee Sussex United’s programs or services for use in/on Pewaukee Sussex United’s website, social media sites, or in other marketing communications.


Unless otherwise specified below, Pewaukee Sussex United does not provide refunds. We do understand that situations occur from time to time that are beyond anyone’s control (such as a season-ending injury prior to the start of the season, etc.). In each of these situations, we review them on a one-by-one basis and work to provide an equitable solution for everyone involved.

Minis, Micros, Majors, Recreational, and Academy Program Registration: Requests for refunds while the registration period is open are considered on a one-by-one basis and may be provided less a $100 administrative fee and any uniform expenses PSU has incurred. No refunds are provided once registration closes or after July 31, whichever comes first.

Select Program Registration: Aside from exemptions due to COVID-19, WYSA regulations prohibit us from providing credits to Select players. Therefore, no refunds are provided after a player has accepted an offer to play on a Select team.

Camps, Clinics, Etc: Throughout the year, PSU offers various programs such as camps or clinics. Partial refunds may be given prior to the start of a program provided expenses for site reservations, staff costs, or other determined costs are prorated and deducted. Once the program has started, refunds will not be given.

Credits: Credits can be used for any PSU event or activity that requires registration, including: season registration, camps, tryouts, and winter training. Credit amounts vary based on each situation and are provided on a household basis. Additionally, because credits are applied during the registration process, registration for the event or activity must be open for the credit to be used. All unused credits expire at the end of the following season.

To request either a refund or a credit, please e-mail the Club Registrar at

Code of Conduct

At Pewaukee Sussex United (PSU), we believe everyone who attends or participates in Club activities, contributes to the experience we all enjoy. As such, we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a manner that is:

  • Aligned with PSU’s values of Passion, Skill, & Character
  • Actively supports a positive, encouraging environment for all

Players, coaches, PSU staff members, and/or others affiliated with the Club who conduct themselves in a manner inconsistent with PSU’s Codes of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by PSU’s leadership team, including the potential suspension and/or dismissal from the Club.

Coaches & Staff
PSU Coaches and Staff Members are expected to actively support the club’s mission, vision, and values, at all times, both on and off the field. In general, this means PSU Coaches and Staff:

  • Support and positively contribute to PSU’s Player-first philosophy
  • Help instill a passion for the sport of soccer in every player
  • Contribute to the development of both soccer skills and essential life skills in every soccer player
  • Support, model, and teach the development of positive character traits in every player
  • Follow both the letter and the spirit of all PSU policies

Ultimately, PSU coaches and staff members are expected to be role models for all players, affiliates, and other coaches and staff members.

PSU’s Affiliate Code of Conduct
Affiliates include parents, spectators, opponents, visitors, donors, referees, vendors and any other non-player person who supports or attends PSU activities. PSU expects every affiliate to conduct themselves in a way that actively supports a positive, encouraging environment for every player, and to do so in a way that helps create a great experience for all. In general, appropriate conduct includes:

  • Actions that encourage and inspire all players
  • Being considerate and respectful of all coaches, staff, players, and other affiliates
  • Maintaining good decorum at all PSU events

PSU’s Player Code of Conduct
PSU expects every PSU player to conduct themselves in a way that aligns with PSU’s values (Passion, Skill, & Character) and actively contributes to a positive environment at PSU, at school, and within their community. In general, this means PSU players are expected to:

  • Show exceptional character in all their pursuits, both on and off the field
  • Positively contribute to their own passion and enjoyment of the sport
  • Contribute to the development of both soccer and life skills in their teammates, friends, family members, and other PSU players
  • Continually develop their own positive character traits and support the same in other PSU players, and in friends, and family
  • Give back to the Club and the community
  • Work hard in all pursuits: soccer, academic, and personal
  • Maintain good academic standing in school
  • Exhibit a positive, can-do attitude both on and off the field
  • Actively engage with teammates, coaches, and other PSU players in a positive way
  • Respect teammates, coaches, referees, opponents, parents, and everyone affiliated with PSU

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Policy

PSU players are prohibited from using tobacco (including vaping), consuming alcohol, or using illegal drugs. All other participants (coaches, spectators, etc.) are prohibited from consuming alcohol or using illegal drugs on the sidelines of any PSU game. A PSU player who violates this policy may be subject to game(s) suspension or removal from the team.

street soccer

In our Street Soccer program, players have the opportunity to create their own teams, make their own calls, and unconsciously develop their technical and tactical awareness–all while expressing themselves with the ball at their feet. We believe players should be able to manage themselves and have the freedom to play, interact, problem-solve, innovate, and take ownership of their participation in the game. Teams are created the day of to promote diversity, and games are played without referees to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Our I-Mentor coaches will supervise each field making sure that players and facilities are safe while maintaining a fun and challenging environment.

PSU’s Street Soccer is open to all 9U to 19U players. Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!


  • Fridays : April 15 through June 3
  • Time: 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Location: Pewaukee Sports Complex


  • Games are 7 minutes long
  • Sliding or going to ground is not allowed
  • There is no offsides, but all other soccer rules apply
  • There are no referees – players call their own fouls
  • Profanity of any kind is not allowed

Important Information

  • Cleats, shin guards, socks (covering the shin guards) are required
  • Teams may be adjusted by PSU team members multiple times during each session, including during games
  • PSU reserves the right to disallow the participation of players in the program for any reason
  • Signed waiver is required