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Igniting the


Led by our Juniors and Recreational Program Coordinator, Adam Neylon, the program has been retooled from the ground up to better support each player’s enjoyment and development in the game.  Like all of our programs, our Juniors program incorporates the advice of our experts to establish fundamentals, instill a passion for the game, and set a basis for future success. Our 4U-8U players learn the sport through a fun, nurturing, and engaging progression of activities that improves coordination, soccer skill, and knowledge of the game. If your son or daughter is 3 to 7 years old, this is the program for you.

Registration will remain open until programs have reached capacity. 

4U Explorers
PSU’s Explorers program includes 5 weekly sessions in both the spring and the fall led by our Explorers Program Director and supported by parents. In this program, players engage in a variety of fun games that include running, jumping, hopping, rolling, and skipping – all while taking care of the soccer ball. In this way, players develop self-confidence, increase their physical abilities, develop new motor skills, and improve their balance – all with the soccer ball at their feet. We keep our Explorers constantly in motion using a large area that allows them to go full-speed without worrying about other players around them. This approach helps players grow in both love and respect for the ball while also teaching them spatial awareness.

We stress a non-competitive environment for our Explorers where we promote fun and enjoyment above all else.


5U & 6U Micros
Our Micros program includes 5 weeks of one-hour, group sessions in both the spring and the fall. Each session is led by our Micros Program Director and supported by parent helpers.

Players at these ages love to play with mom and dad and our approach is designed around this interaction, creating lifelong memories for both parents and player. Our curriculum is built on proven techniques that use various games to help players develop strong fundamentals. Parent helpers are provided with an online curriculum accessible via their mobile phone, allowing them to guide players during the weekly sessions. Through the program, players learn essential skills that set them up for the rest of their soccer journey:

  • Dribbling in a straight line using their laces
  • Turning with both the inside and outside of the foot
  • Using the sole of the foot to protect the ball
  • Passing the ball with the inside of their foot
  • Striking the ball to into the goal

Players then use these skills to play various games, now with the ball at their feet, helping them develop a love of the ball and teaching them how to navigate the game. Players in our Micros program have a blast, starting them on the path toward a lifelong passion for the beautiful game.

U7 & U8 Juniors
Our Juniors begin their week on Mondays in both the fall and spring seasons with group training, led by our Juniors Coordinator and supported by parent coaches. Players then move on to their team training run by their parent coach on a different night of the week (chosen by their coach). Their week ends with a game on Saturday led by their coach.

All Juniors coaches are provided with PSU’s training curriculum app, ensuring players learn individual skills and team tactics through proven methodologies in a positive, nurturing environment. The focus remains strongly on fun, sportsmanship and the basic fundamentals of the game. In addition to growing their skill and passion for the game, players engage in healthy competition, helping players become familiar with the high demands of the game. This approach provides players with an ideal environment for future success in soccer.

The program is designed to provide players with a fun and enjoyable soccer experience. As such, every player in the program is expected to:

  • Exhibit a positive, can-do attitude
  • Be respectful of coaches and teammates
  • Try hard and put good effort into each practice and every game
  • Engage actively with coaches and teammates

Registration will remain open until programs have reached capacity.

Program:4U Explorers
Half Season Cost$95 (Spring 2022 Open)
Full Year Cost$165 (Registration Closed)
# of Practices5×45 minute sessions (in both the spring and fall seasons)
Group TrainingDirector Led Group Training with Parent Assistance
Training TimesMondays, 4:30 pm
Fall Dates8/23–9/27, 2021 (No 9/6)
Spring Dates4/25–5/23, 2022 
ApparelPlayers receive a PSU training shirt.
Parent helpers receive a PSU hoodie.
Program:5U-6U Micros
Half Season Cost$115 (Spring 2022 Open)
Full Year Cost$195 (Registration Closed)
# of Practices5×60 minute sessions (in both the spring and fall seasons)
Group TrainingDirector Led Group Training with Parent Assistance
Training TimesWednesdays, 5:30 pm
Fall Dates8/25 – 9/22, 2021
Spring Dates4/27 – 5/25, 2022
ApparelPlayers receive a PSU training shirt.
Parent helpers receive a PSU hoodie.
Program:7U & 8U Juniors
Half Season Cost$195 (Spring 2022 Open)
Full Year Cost$345 (Registration Closed)
# of Games6–8 Games (per fall and spring seasons)
Game DaysGenerally on Saturdays
Game TimesBetween 9:00am–4:00pm
Group TrainingCoach assisted, led by the Junior’s Program Coordinator
Team TrainingCoach led
Training TimesMonday evenings, 2nd practice time TBD by team coach
Fall DatesAugust–October 2021
Spring DatesApril–June 2022
ApparelA uniform consisting of 2 jerseys, a pair of shorts, and a pair of socks is included with registration.

Spring 2022 Registration Open

Members have the ability to view and double check all previously submitted registrations and orders.

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Disclaimer: Training frequency and duration is not guaranteed and will be impacted by situations such as inclement weather and/or unsafe field conditions. 

Please feel free to contact the registrar with any questions at

Determining "U" Level

street soccer

We’re excited for Street Soccer to return in Spring 2022!

In our Street Soccer program, players have the opportunity to create their own teams, make their own calls, and unconsciously develop their technical and tactical awareness–all while expressing themselves with the ball at their feet. We believe players should be able to manage themselves and have the freedom to play, interact, problem-solve, innovate, and take ownership of their participation in the game. Teams are created the day of to promote diversity, and games are played without referees to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Our I-Mentor coaches will supervise each field making sure that players and facilities are safe while maintaining a fun and challenging environment.

PSU’s Street Soccer is open to all 9U to 19U players. Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!

Sign up required for waiver completion. But then just lace up and show up!


Spring Details

  • Fridays: April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 2022
  • Time: 5:00 – 6:30 pm
  • Location: Pewaukee Sports Complex


  • Games are 7 minutes long
  • Players must play within their age range
  • Sliding or going to ground is not allowed
  • There is no offsides, but all other soccer rules apply
  • There are no referees – players call their own fouls
  • Profanity of any kind is not allowed

Important Information

  • Games will be played by gender (girls vs. girls / boys vs. boys) whenever possible.
  • Players may be required to wear provided pennies (pinnies are washed in between sessions).
  • Cleats, shin guards, socks (covering the shin guards) shorts, and shirts are required.
  • Players may be asked to conform to specific guidelines (using hand-sanitizer, etc.) to support the safest possible environment for everyone.
  • Teams may be adjusted by PSU team members multiple times during each session, including during games.
  • Players are expected to play with great sportsmanship and consideration for their fellow players at all times.
  • PSU reserves the right to disallow the participation of a player (or players) in PSU’s Street Soccer program for any reason. Players who are disallowed from play may not participate in future Summer Street Soccer sessions.
  • Participants are highly encouraged to check the website for the field status prior to traveling to participate.
  • Signed waiver is required.