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Matt Drago.

Matt Drago

Hometown/first soccer experience: La Crosse, WI

Family: My wife Cathy, and kids Lucie (3) and Ryan (1)

Years of Coaching: 18 (Waukesha North, SC Waukesha, La Crosse Soccer Club, Carroll University, New Berlin West (current)

Favorite Team and why: Burnley – My great-great grandfather played for them (Jack Yates), and I feel obligated to call them my own.

Favorite Player and why: Sadio Mane – brilliant on and off the ball, incredible work rate, consummate team player.

Coaching Education: USSF National C, TOVO T1 (Barcelona)

Why did you start coaching? I was a Junior in college and didn’t have a soccer season on until the following fall, so I thought it would be a way to stay in the game in the offseason. I ended up enjoying it far more than I had expected.

Coaching Role Models/Mentors: I’ve taken bits from nearly every coach I’ve come across. Lati introduced me to Albert Capella’s trainings, which was instrumental in how I viewed the attacking side of the game, TOVO has heavily influenced how I present the game in training, and even talk about it with players or other coaches. Collaborating with the coaches at the WIAA all-star game the last two years was also outstanding to hear what other coaches are doing and how they deliver their message.

Favorite Coaching Memory: The 2017 season at New Berlin West, we had been working on not getting stuck on the side of the field the ball was on, or had just come from. We were in a counter attack and I was about to encourage our player to do what we had just worked on, but I decided not to say anything and let it play. He did the opposite of what I would have told him to do and we scored. Moral of the story; give advice prior to the game, but let the players play.

What are your hobbies outside of soccer? Reading about history, mainly English but some US. Also like music mostly from the 60’s and 70’s.

Favorite Book: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Did you play other sports growing up? I was much more serious about baseball growing up than soccer, I’m not completely sure why or when that changed, but I am all soccer all of the time now.

What is something people may never guess about you?: I love biographies on historical figures. My two favorites are Elizabeth Tudor and Abraham Lincoln.

street soccer

Street Soccer games are played on small fields with small teams to increase interaction. The program is designed to allow players to “just play” the game in a safe, supervised, and minimally interrupted manner. In this way, players can do what they enjoy the most – play soccer – while getting just enough instruction to help them improve their game. Coaches help create teams and all games are played without a referee to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Street Soccer is open to all our 9U – 15U full year players.

Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!

We had a blast at this fall’s Friday night Street Soccer. We’re already excited for spring!

Check Back For Our Spring Schedule