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13U Girls Red

Hometown/first soccer experience: Kansas City, MO. I’ve played soccer since the 5th grade mostly for smaller Christian School leagues and indoor leagues during the off-season. I played all the way through high school and college. The highest level I played at was four seasons at the D-III level for Maranatha Baptist University under Coach Jeff Pill.

Family: Most of my family lives in Kansas and Missouri still except for my brother and I who live in Wisconsin. I am not married, but I have a girlfriend who I met at college playing soccer.

Years of Coaching: I have coached teams for the past 3 years now, with experience coaching in clinics with Coach Pill for the past 6 years. I have coached high school and college boys and college girls. 

Favorite Team and why?: Sporting Kansas City or Barcelona. I grew up watching both of these teams. I watched the old Kansas City Wizards growing up, but when the team rebranded to SKC the city really got behind the team. I love the “hometown feel” of the team, and I love supporting American soccer. I also grew up watching Barcelona in the Ronaldhino era. I love the beautiful style of play that the team has with the possession-based mentality. For the same reason, I love watching the Spanish national team. 

Favorite Player and why: Jamie Vardy is probably my favorite player. Vardy plays for my favorite PL team and has an amazing story of “starting from the bottom” and just working hard. I love the way he has fought to get at the level he has gotten to.

Coaching Education: I currently have no official licensing, but am working on fixing that soon. I have taken coaching classes from and played for Jeff Pill, one of the US’s leading coaching education minds. I have also had the privilege of coaching under and with Coach Pill during my coaching career which has given me a unique outlook on the game of soccer few get to experience.

Why did you start coaching? I started coaching during and right after my college soccer career. I love the analytical side of coaching and putting a game plan together. But more importantly, I enjoy investing in athletes as people. Sports can help shape lives, and I want to use that avenue to try and help others gain positive character traits through the challenge of athletics. 

Coaching Role Models/Mentors: As already stated above, my role model and mentor for coaching has been Coach Jeff Pill. As one of the US’s coaching education staff, I feel very privileged to have played for and coached with Coach Pill. His effortless expertise and constant encouragement has been a huge asset to me during my coaching experience. 

Favorite Coaching Memory: Coaching at the college level was a challenge that I did not anticipate fully. One of my favorite memories from the season was one of the last games just seeing a season worth of work come together and “click” during the game. Much of what we had worked on, from the technical and tactical, but also mental aspects of the game were shown in one game. It was a very rewarding experience. 

What are your hobbies outside of soccer? I love being active, so anything outside or fitness related. I love to swim, bike, run, play golf, do CrossFit, and spend as much time with my girlfriend as I can outside my time with soccer. 

Favorite Book: The Bible, Mindset, Culture Code, Outliers, and The Count of Monte Cristo 

Did you play other sports growing up? I played Basketball, baseball, tennis and wrestling other than soccer growing up. 

What is something people may never guess about you?: Unless the person had seen me, they would never guess that I was born with white fingernails and toenails. 

street soccer

Street Soccer games are played on small fields with small teams to increase interaction. The program is designed to allow players to “just play” the game in a safe, supervised, and minimally interrupted manner. In this way, players can do what they enjoy the most – play soccer – while getting just enough instruction to help them improve their game. Coaches help create teams and all games are played without a referee to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Street Soccer is open to all our 9U – 15U full year players.

Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!

We had a blast at this fall’s Friday night Street Soccer. We’re already excited for spring!

Check Back For Our Spring Schedule