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Player Development

A Development Model

To Maximize Performance

Our player development model helps maximize each player’s opportunity to grow and excel within the sport by providing them with age-appropriate coaching, training, and a strong environment at each stage of their development.

Additionally, players are provided with a framework at each stage that helps them understand and apply key principles during their development so they advance to the next stage seamlessly. Combined with our Player Excellence Program, players receive a wholistic development pathway throughout their soccer journey at PSU.

Pewaukee Sussex United soccer club players.

PSU 5 Stage Player Development Pathway

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street soccer

Street Soccer is played on a U10 field and guided by our coaches. It is designed to allow players to “just play” the game in a safe, supervised, and minimally interrupted manner. In this way, players can do what they enjoy the most – play soccer – while getting just enough instruction to help them improve their game. Coaches help create teams and all games are played without a referee to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Street Soccer is open to all our U8 – U19 players and requires signup