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Select Program

Taking Success

To Another Level

Our Select program provides players from 10 years old (11U) to 18 years old (19U) with premier instruction on all elements of the game. Instruction is provided by licensed, professional coaches who balance the player’s enjoyment of the game with high expectations, hard work, and positive reinforcement – all at age-appropriate levels. This approach gives each player the best opportunity to experience personal and team success within our Club, on their High School team, and at the college level.

Select soccer program at PSU.

Our Select program coaching staff are graduates of our Coaching Excellence Fundamentals and Advanced Coaching Development courses. Together, these courses provide our coaches with over 40 hours of top-tier soccer training, and expert level instruction on our Player-first philosophy. This approach ensures every Select coach has a mastery of game fundamentals, training methodologies, and tactics, along with the tools and education needed to mentor, motivate, and encourage players, effectively. Altogether, this approach creates a positive, team-oriented environment that supports both individual and team success.

Select play is competitive at all ages and players are strongly encouraged to participate in our Player Excellence program to further reinforce their skill development and athletic aptitude. Teams are split by gender and participate in SECL or State League play, traditionally playing 8 games in either the fall or spring seasons, or both (for our U11 – U15 players). Tournament play is encouraged, but not required, and is determined on a team-by-team basis.

Once players are 15 years old, they split their season between their High School team and their Club team. Boys play with their High School team in the fall; girls play with theirs in the spring. Both play with PSU during the season opposite their school team.

What's Included

What's Not Included

The registration fee for full-season Select play is $1,495.
The registration fee for half-season Select play is $1,145.

If you’re interested in registering for the spring 2021 Select season, please contact

*We make every effort to ensure games and practices are played as scheduled. However, weather and field conditions can affect the number and duration of both. As such, the number and/or duration of practices and games is not guaranteed.

Determining "U" Level

street soccer

Street Soccer games are played on small fields with small teams to increase interaction. The program is designed to allow players to “just play” the game in a safe, supervised, and minimally interrupted manner. In this way, players can do what they enjoy the most – play soccer – while getting just enough instruction to help them improve their game. Coaches help create teams and all games are played without a referee to reinforce positive conflict resolution techniques. Street Soccer is open to all our 9U – 15U full year players.

Our Old School Street Soccer is open to any parent, soccer coach, and their significant others. Bring the whole family!

We had a blast at this fall’s Friday night Street Soccer. We’re already excited for spring!

Check Back For Our Spring Schedule