What's New for the 2022-23 Season

We’re expanding on the ideas that have worked well, moving past some of the ideas that didn’t work as well as we expected, and bringing on a number of new ideas we think will make our club even better. They’re all detailed in the table below. Take a moment to check them out, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with comments, suggestions, ideas, or questions. It’s all a work in progress, but it’s work we do together, United as always.

Change for the 2022-23 SeasonWhy the change?

Our Explorers and Juniors groups will have new names. Explorers will be called “Minis” and Juniors will be called “Majors.” Altogether the 2022-23 season programs for our youngest players will be:

  • Minis (4U & 5U)
  • Micros (5U & 6U)
  • Majors (7U & 8U)
For the past two years, we’ve used the term “Juniors” to describe our 7U/8U program AND we’ve used the term to describe all the programs for our youngest players: Explorers, Micros, and Juniors. Make sense? Of course not – it’s confusing as heck! So…we’re moving to the terms: Minis, Micros, and Majors for clarity. And yeah, we think it sounds better, too. Who said alliteration can’t be fun?
Our Minis program (formerly Explorers) will now include 5U players. Our Micros program will still include 5U players as well.Many of our 5U players are participating in their first club soccer experience. As such, these players come into the club with wide array of skillsets, interests, and abilities. By opening up both Minis and Micros registration to this age group, parents can more easily sigh up their future soccer star for whichever program will suit them best.
We’ve included our “Field of Champions” tournament with all full-season and spring-season Majors (formerly Juniors) registrationsWe first launched our “Field of Champions” tournament for our Micros group last spring, and it was a resounding success! Players had an absolute blast. So…we’re bringing the tournament to all our full-season and spring-season Majors players this year to spread the joy.
We’re launching our “Summer Soccer Series” as part of our Player Excellence program this summer which will give players the opportunity to play soccer .Our Summer Soccer Series is an idea Adam Neylon brought to the table, and it’s one of the ideas we’re most excited about this next season. The Summer Soccer Series will provide players from 7U to 13U with a “league-lite” environment playing small-sided soccer on 8U fields.
Spring and fall Player Excellence will no longer be included with Recreation, Academy, and Select registrations.This one was a difficult decision for us. We decided to make the change primarily because we had a growing number of players sign up for the program, but either not attend regularly – or not take the training seriously. This negatively affected the training environment and the experience of other players and was far more prevalent in the fall and spring sessions than the summer and winter sessions.
PSU’s Fall Preseason camp is now included with all full-season Majors, Recreational, Academy, & 11U-15U Select registrations.There are few times of year as exciting as the start of a brand new year. Summer weather abounds, new teams are eager to start, practices are set to begin and everyone is looking forward to what the upcoming season may hold. Our Fall Preseason Camp is a great way for players to get a jump on the season, meet new teammates, and immerse themselves in the excitement of the upcoming season. By including it with all full season registrations, we kick off the new year in a truly United fashion.
PSU’s Referral program will launch at the end of April giving members an opportunity to earn awesome PSU gear and up to $150 or more in cash!There is no greater complement than when our members refer their friends and family to our club. We figured it was about time we rewarded people for their generosity.
Our Select and Academy Team Managers who do so much for our teams will now receive awesome PSUnited gear along with their $100 refund. Thank you to all our Team Managers for all you do!Team Managers play a critical role in the success of our Academy & Select teams. They do the “behind-the-scenes” work that allows our coaches and players to focus on the game. As such, we’re upping our game, adding PSUnited gear to their refund as a way to express our thanks.
We will be making some significant changes to our website throughout the summer to make navigation, registration, and finding information on the site easier/more intuitive. Of particular focus during this process, will be optimizing the site for smart-phone users.We rebuilt our website from the ground up back in the spring of 2020 and it’s worked great for the past two years. However, lots has changed over the past two years, and it’s time for the website to reflect those changes.
Our NEW spirit wear store will be opening soon, providing year-round access to all the coolest United gear. The sea of United players, parents, grandparents, and friends will soon be showing off their “United Pride” all across our communities!Everyone loves gear, right? Well now you’ll be able to order your favorite PSU apparel anytime of the year. Because getting the newest PSU gear so you can show your PSUnited pride isn’t something that should be limited to just a couple months of the year. Look for the “PSUnited Spirit Wear” button on the home page of our website, soon!
We’ve added a new program called “Dutch” to our Player Excellence program. Dutch is like Street Soccer but with a running scoreboard where winners are announced at the end of the program.Our players love to play soccer, but they also need to continually develop the skills that make them so effective on the field. Standard “skills-drills” are effective, but they don’t replicate the pressure and speed of a “game-environment” – and even the most innovative skill-drills can get repetitive. Dutch creates the perfect environment for learning and applying soccer skills in game-like situations, helping players grow their skills more quickly while having fun in the process.
We will be posting information on our website each week about our varsity Charger and Pirate soccer teams starting this fall.Our High Schools are an incredibly important part of our communities. Many of our Charger and Pirate varsity soccer players are PSU players and we’re excited to celebrate their efforts throughout their season!
We are offering a more extensive payment program to make things easier for families. This season, Academy, & Select families will have the option to pay their registration fee on a monthly basis, over 10 months. The program will include an administrative fee of $70, paid at the time of registration. Full program details will be posted by the end of April.Giving families the opportunity to pay their registration fees over 10 months eases the burden for many families. With all the price increases going on around us, it just made sense to provide a longer-term payment option for our United families.
We’ve added one week to our Mini’s and Micros programs, taking them from 5-week programs to 6-week programs in both the fall and spring seasons.Based on discussions with dozens of Minis and Micros families, we recognized there was a strong interest in extending the season…a little. To ensure our youngest soccer stars wouldn’t have to play in the less desirable Wisconsin weather, we extended both programs a week in both the fall and spring seasons.
Select soccer program at PSU.